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Should We Be Expecting Better Zelda Games?
Written by: The King of Hyrule

I have really been thinking long and hard about this: should we expect better Zelda games than what we have been getting?

Personally, I look back to even the very first Zelda game. AMAZING game: the game that started the series. The sequel was a given to be bad: they were still testing out the waters of Zelda, and were testing new directions.

But after about fourteen Zelda games, should we be expecting better, more refined games? Take a look at Ocarina of Time: the game that defines gaming perfection. If Nintendo did it once, what’s stopping them from doing it again? They made a game that not necessarily everyone agreed with, but they stuck to the basics and made a game for the die hard Zelda fan.

And look what it got them! One of the biggest video game followings EVER, hands-down. Nintendo stuck too their roots and made a great game. But now with this new "appeal to everyone" philosophy Nintendo has developed, they are creating a game that appeals to, well... everyone. Everyone from age 2 to ago 82. Making the games easy to play, not suspenseful, and definitely not scary, Nintendo has definitely done what they planned and created a game every one can play.

But is that what the majority of the Zelda community wants? It has been over ten years since the release of Ocarina of Time and it is still considered by near all to be the greatest game of all time hands down. And do you know why? Because Nintendo created a game for the hardcore gamer, not the baby gamer. It had suspense, was definitely challenging, if not down-right hard at some points, and was even a bit creepy. And it was the best game ever.

So how does Nintendo’s new philosophy affect Zelda? It is basically preventing Nintendo from creating another AMAZING game. Nintendo definitely has it in them, and they have all of the technology to create not only one of the most stunning games ever, but possibly the greatest game ever. They did it once, why shouldn’t we expect them to do it again?

In closing let me just say: Nintendo, I am disappointed. You have all of the potential, but none of the drive. You can't appeal to everyone, and no matter how hard you try, not everyone will like your games. So why not take a step back, listen to the community, and use your amazing talent to create a game to challenge the legacy of Ocarina of Time.


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